Rattical Thoughts of Movers and Shakers
  The dust
   From my soul.
Let me
  The actions
   And deeds
    Of those who
     Have scattered
      Such inspiring seeds.
From Jesus to Buddha,
 Mary Poppins, Fred Astaire,
  The neighbor next-door,
   The woman who styles my hair,
The man who lost his legs in a mid-air crash,
 The beauty show contestant with her silk embroidered sash,
   A child on the subway,
    A politician’s wife,
     A cancer survivor,
      An author who took her own life,
A musician,
 A dancer,
  A man who plants trees,
    A fictional Ulysses who sailed the high seas,
A cat, a bird,
 A monkey, a whale,
  An ant, a butterfly,
    A skunk with raised tail,
A leader, a quitter,
 A magician, a thug,
  A sculptor, a painter,
    An addict of any drug,
A gambler, a racer,
 An abuser, a priest,
  Slaves and Suffragettes that have long-since deceased,
My friends, my enemies,
 Foreigners from other lands,
  Those who drew me pictures,
    Or spoke with just their hands.
I shake to awaken,
 To remember,
  To stir
    The essential wisdom
     That connects us
      As life’s mystery unfurls.
Rhea Giffin


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