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       Musings on the Game (Chessboard) 27"x37.5"x30"
      Musings on the Game

         Tea With Mrs. Seuss (canister) - 20"x23"x15.5
        Tea with Mrs. Seuss

        Tea With Mrs. Seuss (canister) - 20"x23"x15.5
        Tennesee Tornado


Thanks to Theodore Giesel-AKA Dr. Seuss, I have enjoyed wordplay since I was young. I wrote for school newspapers in elementary and high school. At the age of nine I set up my own publishing company in our spare bedroom with my then best friend, Nancy Johnson. We cranked out volumes of clever hand-written and illustrated tomes to sell.

Around 1995, drawing inspiration from the book EVERYDAY SACRED by Sue Bender (HarperSanFrancisco ISBN 0-06-251290-0)--which I highly recommend--and my friend, Lisa Conger’s wistful desire to make “poetrays,” I began to merge my passions for writing, painting and sculpting into an ideal vessel of expression by creating what I call Storybowls. Bowls being symbolically representative of nourishment; food for thought.

I love sculpting from recycled and organic materials; it gives me a sense of being connected to the past and the future. Sculpting and writing--separately or combined--are my favorite forms of expression. I am still partial to bowls, but my musings are much too rambunctious to be contained in just one form. Recently I've been delving into color pencil drawings. Who, but the muse, knows what is next?

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       Rhea Giffin • P.O. Box 1151 • Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816 • USA • (208) 664-1691 • fineart@RheaGiffin.com

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